Civic Education Program

Sojhla is committed to promoting civic education and fostering active citizenship among individuals, especially in marginalized communities. They believe that an informed and engaged citizenry is essential for a well-functioning democracy and sustainable development. Sojhla conducts workshops, training programs, and awareness campaigns on various civic issues, such as human rights, democratic participation, and social justice. They work closely with schools/colleges/universities, marginalized community, and youth groups to empower the next generation of leaders to become advocates for positive change.

Food Sovereignty Program

Sojhla recognizes the importance of food sovereignty as a fundamental human right. They work towards creating a fair and sustainable food system that ensures everyone's access to nutritious, culturally appropriate, and locally produced food. To achieve this, Sojhla supports small-scale farmers, promotes agroecological practices, and advocates for policies that protect and enhance traditional farming methods. They collaborate with local farmers' organizations, conduct capacity-building workshops, and engage in advocacy efforts at the local and national levels to influence agricultural policies.

Climate Justice Program

As climate change continues to disproportionately impact vulnerable communities, Sojhla is dedicated to advocating for climate justice. They recognize the link between social inequalities and environmental degradation and strive to address both simultaneously. Sojhla supports community-led climate adaptation and mitigation initiatives, focusing on climate-resilient practices and solutions. Additionally, they work to raise awareness about climate change's adverse effects on marginalized communities and advocate for policies that prioritize their rights and needs in climate action planning.