The organization stands for the socio-economic empowerment of the poor and the marginalized section particularly women and children for quality of life and career by ensuring their active participation in its activities of decision and policy making.


A friendly, peaceful, and progressive society with equal opportunities for every member of the community without any discrimination.

who we are?

Sojhla for Social Change-Pakistan started working in 2002 with its set objectives regarding Disaster Risk Management, Climate Justice, Basic Social Services like (Education, Basic Health & Safe Drinking Water) and Promotion of Art & Heritage.

Sojhla has been completed and running’s various programs/projects for Disaster Risk Management, Climate Justice, basic social services, youth engagement, peace & harmony and human rights campaigns with partnership Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) Oxfam Novib, Kids Rights Netherlands, DAI, Action-aid, Christian Study Centre (CSC) and several other civil society organizations.

Sojhla’s programs focus the government departments to become their helping hand by enhancing public awareness and promoting active citizenship which is the key to participatory approach for peace building, democracy and good governance.

Sojhla Objectives

  • Promoting agroecology (indigenous agriculture) and raising public awareness about climate justice.

  • To teach the people about education and to provide education facilities to the marginalized children 

To conducting conferences, public dialogues  and seminars to raise awareness among community, especially the public for national integrity, solidarity and peace. 

  • To strive to highlight the culture, art and heritage of Pakistan and to work for its growth. 

  • To raise the income level of the groups through involvement in agricultural, livestock and home based skill development.

Sojhla General Body consists of 60 members (35 female and 25 male). General body membership is voluntary and open to all residents of Pakistan. A seven-member board of directors that consists of eminent Pakistanis from different walks of life like lawyers, educationist, and social workers governs the organization and are led by the executive director. The management team led by the executive director is responsible for managing four units namely.