Sojhla for Social Change


A pluralistic progressive society with equal opportunities for all. A Peaceful, Pluralistic, Progressive, Non – discriminative Society


Sojhla stands for conflict transformation through political socio-economic empowerment of the poor and the marginalized sections for improving the quality of life by ensuring their active participation in decision and policy making at all levels.


  • To empower marginalized sections through group formation and linkages development for having their rights, entitlements, access and control over resources at every level.
  • To assure awareness about the tangible socio-political movements in order to induce meaningful change in the community
  • To provide opportunities for increasing the income level of groups through involvement in agricultural, livestock and home based skill development.
  • To develop strong connections/ linkages with existing struggles such as movements, alliances, networks and organizations committed to the cause of empowerment of the poor to promote institutional mechanisms.
  • To Translate the native philosophy of non-violence and universal equality of human beings into political actions.

Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas of Sojhla include:-

  • Gender Development
  • Health and Education
  • Peace and Harmony
  • Agriculture and livestock development
  • Good Governance
  • Promotion of heritage and culture

Cross cutting theme:

  • SRHR & LSBE (Life Skill Based Education)
  • Do No Harm (DNH)

Sojhla Values

Gender equality: equal opportunity for everyone without any discrimination but with some affirmative actions for women.

Innovation and Creativity: encouraging new ideas and practices facilitate for non-traditional excellence.

Peace and democracy: Promotion of democratic culture, engaging everyone in decision making and providing opportunities for self growth. Giving space to new thoughts & practices, encouraging people for their good deeds, promoting self respect and creating environment for new voices.

Religious and cultural freedom: Respecting everyone’s religious and cultural diversity.  Celebration of religious and holy events, culture and their norms. Providing space and promoting culture in which people can practice their religious and cultural activities in a non biased environment.

Decentralization of powers and resources: Decentralization in hierarchal setup, specific reporting mechanism as per JDs and responsibilities.  Clear JDs and well defined organizational structure. Exploring new ideas to generate resources (human and financial)

Regional cooperation: Seeking and developing opportunities of cooperation within the provinces and at Regional Level (South Asia).

Freedom of Expression: Right to speech, equality, tolerance and acceptance. Devising mechanism where everyone is given the right to practise freely.

Transparency & Accountability: Well defined structure and systems. Monitoring, evaluation, accountability, sharing and learning. Trust building exercises openness.


  • First serve the marginalized community (women children and the neglected). The organization will always give priority to women, children, religious minorities and other marginalized groups in the community in every single action.
  • No practices will be encouraged which go against the national sovereignty
  • Benefit to the local communities: Sojhla believes that local community has the priority to be empowered economically through different initiatives of the organization. For this purpose Sojhla creates and supports different opportunities for their income generation.
  • Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices: Sojhla will promote environment -friendly practices to support food sovereignty; such traditional practices which favour pest-free farmland.
  • Revival of composite culture: Sojhla will use different tools such as theatre, poetry, publications, documentaries and other cultural activities to promote local/ mystic wisdom.
  • Deweaponization: Sojhla believes in conflict resolution through peaceful means.
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